Tuesday, November 1, 2011

French Knitting with Nancy

As a child, my mum taught me how to french knit-you take an old toilet roll, tape on a few paddle pop sticks and ta daa- you have made a 'knitting nancy' ready to begin.
 Now take some wool and start winding and looping, and soon enough an ever lengthening rope like strand emerges.  This is one of the easiest crafts for a child-for anyone- to learn, but what on earth do you do with this very long creation? I certainly never knew. One cold winter after mum helped us get started, my older brother and I went french knitting crazy. Always competitive, Evan and I french knitted every strand of wool we could get our hot little hands on and were forever comparing to see who had the longest french knit, starting at one end of the house and trailing to the other end and back again -and again.
Other than this winter long competition that kept us ferociously busy at least for awhile, we never ever knew what to DO with the fruits of our labour.
Different from most handcrafts, the role of this craft was purely about the ever increasing length, and the enjoyment of the making and competing rather than on any actual function or purpose (at least known to me). 

Perhaps it is because Evan's french knit was always about a metre longer than mine that i have taken it up  again, somehow subconsciously satisfying my competitive streak. 
BUT, this time I'm going to Do something with my super long strand.  

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